1.Five Point Calibrated and adjustable Fatigue, Tensile and Compression Testing

2.Development of Sub-Sonic Wind Tunnel Facility for Testing Aerodynamic Structure designed to land and take off from Circular Runways

3. Development of Landing Gears for Aircrafts for landing on Circular Runways

4.Design and implementation of Solar tree for smart cities and Highways

5.Innovative Women Menstrual Waste management, Hospital waste management and Re-Toilets for smart cities

6.Design and implementation of Solar Buoy for villages and coastal areas

7.Design and manufacturing of 3D printed Titanium alloy and CNT (Carbn nano tube) and Polymer based Dental implants and obtaining certification from Medical Board

8.Design , analysis and manufacturing of CNT (Carbon nano tube) and Polymer based Bone Implants and obtaining certification from Medical Board

9.Design and Analysis of Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) Reinforced Polymer based superlight Wing structure

10.Design and Fabrication of Electric Powered (Super Light weight), CNT (carbon nano Tube) Based 3D printed working model of an Aircraft

11.Development of Electric powered driverless Air Taxi for short duration Human and Freight Transport

12.Design , analysis, development and demonstration of a four seated fully automatic driverless safe vehicle

13.Design and development of Drone based Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS)

14.Design and development of Drone based remote sensing of Agriculture land and management

15. Design and development of Drone based remote sensing of Forests in India

16. Smart House Keeping Robot “NISDE”. Fast and Efficient House Keeping Solutions

17.Design, development and Fabrication of Smart waste management device for generating Biogas from Bio wastes and also generating electricity from Biogas

18. To design and develop a conceptual unmanned Hypersonic Research Aircraft with new computational approaches and methods

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