What You Will Learn

The Aerospace industry must be in the highest level of security and maintain safety measures , whether we go for designing and manufacturing and/or service and training. To maintain industry standards and skills, people needs to have effectively trained.

These high-end training modules are designed for students and professionals, who might already have a degree in aerospace engineering or an allied sciences and wish to pursue, expertise in advanced aerospace technologies. It provides a favorable balance of practical and theoretical training using most current technologies and sophisticated tools available to engineers.

Students augmented their engineering and science background with studies in finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, aero acoustic modeling, aerodynamics, hypersonic technologies, autonomous unmanned air vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles confined to aerospace sciences.

Further advanced studies include aircraft, space craft guidance, navigation and control, aero elasticity, composites, computational structural mechanics and design optimization as well as other research topics in aerospace engineering.

This paves the way to aerospace research and development or a career in engineering education.

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